Learn more about the current state of metal additive manufacturing for the healthcare community and get the perspective from a healthcare professional as well.

3D metal printing or additive manufacturing is slowly reaching maturity as a production process, and as the hype level decreases, the feasible applications of the technology remain. One such application is the production of various implants, custom made to each individual patient using data from CT and MRI scanners.

Implementation of 3D printed metal implants as an off-the-shelf product requires a concentrated effort from both physicians and production companies, as well as from local regulatory authorities. This effort is in its infancy, but the road has been paved by others, and their experience can serve to remove many pitfalls on the way.


With this technology seminar, FORCE Technology aims to address the pressing, practical questions concerning the potential use of 3D printed metal implants:

  1. What is the current state of the art situation of medical implants?
  2. What surface treatment are applied to 3D printed metal implants?
  3. What alloy systems are typically used, and for what?
  4. What examples are there of succcessful applications of 3D printed metal implants?
  5. How do you conclusively validate the quality of custom made medical devices?
  6. What regulatory requirements need to be met – are they comparable between Europe and the USA?
  7. What is the magnitude of the investment required to secure e.g. FDA approval for a given type of customized implants?


Brøndby, Denmark

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